Moving house? Here are our top 5 tips!

No matter how well you think you're organised for your move, sometimes it's not until you get into the new place that you see that you didn't organise well at all!

So here are our top 5 tips for as seamless a move as possible....
1. Pack a small suitcase with anything and everything you would need if you were going away for the weekend - including electronic chargers!
2. Label boxes by room (and contents), that way you'll be able to take boxes directly to the room they need to be in and unpack in order of priority of contents
3. Create a checklist and use it! Note anything and everything that you need to do and use your phone alarm to set reminders of anything that needs to be done on certain days.
4. Use towels, sheets and clothing for packing around your breakables, saves plastic and less bags and boxes you need to move!
5. Enlist your friends and family to come and help out and end the move with some beers and a catch up chat!
The better prepared you are the better your move will go!